Chlorophyll In His Veins: J. C. Raulston. Horticultural Ambassador - new book tells life story of important horticulturist

Best selling author Bobby J. Ward wrote a new biography of plantsman J.C. Raulston that will be released in January 2010.

In its second printing, the book is published by BJW Books and available in Raleigh book stores as well as at Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh. If you would like to purchase a copy, contacting the author is the best bet.

Bobby J Ward
$25.00 Plus shipping (media mail) 3.50 Total $28.50
To pay by check (Make checks payable to: Bobby J. Ward), send to:
Bobby J. Ward 930 Wimbleton Dr. Raleigh, NC 27609
PayPal purchases and further information at

Chlorophyll in His Veins: J. C. Raulston. Horticultural Ambassador

From the press release - "J. C. Raulston was the most important and influential figure in American horticulture in the latter part of the twentieth century. His passion for promoting new plants for landscapes was unmatched. As a teacher at Texas A&M and at North Carolina State University, he gave generously of his time to students, profoundly influencing their lives, altering career paths and personal directions. He saw potential in both plants and students. Against many obstacles, he succeeded in establishing the North Carolina State University Arboretum that now bears his name. "Chlorophyll in His Veins" is an intimate biography, celebrating the life and accomplishments of one of the most-loved gardening personalities.
Price North Carolina residents:
N.C. tax 7.75% 1.94 $26.94
Plus shipping (media mail) $3.50 Total $30.44
Non-North Carolina residents:

Books will be available on Amazon & at bookstores mid-January 2010.

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