Your Koi Pond in the Winter

How do you take care of your koi pond over the freezing months? At 43 degrees the fish stop eating and begin to hibernate, huddled close together.

Most people here leave their koi in the pond, stop feeding and partially cover the water with an insulating cover.

But, other pond owners are investing in small heaters to use from January through April. These are installed in the filter system with the thermostat set to 50-degrees.

Definitely, prune back the plants, clean the filters and turn off the pumps. Cut back on feeding and switch to wheat germ based food. Keep the biological filters running.

If your koi pond is more than 18-inches deep, the fish will stay below until the freeze passes. You can pour warm water on the ice to thaw enough to allow oxygen to get in.

Will you drain your pond and bring the fish inside? What are you experienced koi pond owners doing to keep your koi pond healthy during the winter months?

Water Gardening Magazine has online tips that may help, too.


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