Seed Starting Success Stories

With all the advice and books provided about seed starting at home, some seeds are reluctant to follow the steps provided.

We buy seed that we assume is fresh from reliable vendors, use sterile seed starting medium, warm their little bottoms in late winter, early spring, then give them bright light and a little fertilizer when they emerge.

And, still some seeds act as though they had not read the same books as we did. Pesky, time consuming and disappointing.

But, there's no time to dwell on those at this time of year. Here are a few seed starting success stories from our garden. I hope you'll share yours. Send an email to and let me know what worked and didn't work for you and what you have learned.The Cardinal Climber vine seeds were pretty good at germinating and growing up the fence to delight the hummingbirds. These were from Renee's Seeds as part of a hummingbird package.
The broccoli seeds from Johnny's Seeds also did well. I had enough little plants to share with a gardening friend. This year's crop has us eating just-harvested broccoli every day.

In January a friend bought these pansy seeds when I promised I could grow them. They were just some we picked up at a hardware store. I think they were Burpee Seeds. They are taking the early summer heat and blooming very well.
The Farewell to Spring from Botanical Interests came up even though I planted them directly in the ground so that was a happy result.
The failures included sea kale from Fedco Seeds though other seeds from them did well. The sea kale is a mystery that I'll try to solve when I have a little time.


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