Bonita Shea Begonia and Gaillardia Georgia Sunset are Two New Improved Plants You Will Want

Bonita Shea Begonia

Look at the color and leaf shape of Bonita Shea Begonia. I am entranced. I've had it over a month and maybe you can see in the photo that it has been sitting in an impatiens bed under an oak tree, looking prettier every week.

It grows 6-10” and blooms spring until fall. Full sun to part shade. It's basically a houseplant in the winter since it is cold hardy to 30-degrees, that is considered Zone 10-11. It will be well worth bringing in for the winter.

Gaillardia Georgia Sunset from Athens Select is a wonderful Blanket Flower. It took a few days to adjust to being in the ground but since then it has bloomed and bloomed.
The bright colors and it's sun loving nature make it a good addition to one of our sunny beds. Look at all the new buds. It will make quite an impression by the end of the summer.

These two new plant introductions were sent to me to grow in our area. I'll give the companies feedback in August. So far, I'd say they have a couple of winners.


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