Muskogee Garden Club Garden Tour Will Be June 13 from 10 to 5 pm

Seven gardens in the Muskogee Country Club area will be open to visitors on Saturday, June 13 from 10 to 5.

Muskogee Garden Club’s Garden Tour will begin at Harris Jobe Elementary School, 2809 North Country Club Road.

Tickets cost $5 and are available that day at the homes and in advance at About Hair, 603 South York ST.

The tour is the Garden Club's primary fund raising activity. The proceeds fund scholarships, and civic projects such as the Chandler RD Enabling Garden and the Broadway ST planters and hanging baskets. Garden Club membership is $20 per year; membership forms will be available at the tour.

Homes on the tour

Vernon and Sally Burkett, 3103 Chelsea LN

Bud and Marilyn Hinshaw, 3506 University ST

Duane and Nola Mason, 3401 River Bend PL

Mary Nevitt, 3412 River Bend RD

Darrell and Priscilla Parks, 3510 Porter AV

Harvey and Kay Price, 2501 Country Club RD

Gary and Mary Wildman, 3400 River Bend PL

Garden Club president, Oyana Wilson said, We hope lots of people come and enjoy seeing into other gardens. Everyone should drive slowly through the neighborhood to see the ones that are not on the tour.

People will enjoy the beauty of the various garden styles represented, said Anita Whitaker, vice president and tour organizer.

The main thing is that the gardens are designed, planted and tended by the homeowners and their families, Whitaker said.

Tour participants Gary and Mary Wildman are opening their 8-acre home site. Look for Gary's favorite Azalea bed and Mary's favorite Hydrangea beds. The home has a waterfall pond, swimming pool, tennis court, golf range, vegetable garden, greenhouse and wide-open spaces for their 9 grandchildren to play.
The greenhouse is where I start vegetables and herbs from seed as well as store the big ferns over the winter, said Mary.

Gary said, After the ice storm 3 years ago we had to plant a lot of trees. Crape myrtles and 80 Loblolly pine trees were planted to fill in. You can start or end your day of garden strolling at the vendor area at Harris Jobe Elementary School. The public is welcome to shop the vendors without going on the tour.

Shopping opportunities include:
1) Plant sale with plants donated by garden club members, Blossom's Garden Center and Tri-B Nursery;
2) Chaos Cactus Nursery, Bill Keeth and Terri Mann, from Sand Springs with succulents and cacti, plus hand made pottery;
3) Moonshadow Herb Farm, Sharon Owen’s Muskogee grown herbs;
4) Jordan Essentials natural body and hair products;
5) Harris Jobe PTA BBQ sandwich concession;
6) Faith Sarber machine embroidered towels and shirts; and,
7) Shutterbug Club members' nature photographs.

Friends of Honor Heights Park will have an information table where you can see the architect's drawing for the proposed teaching garden and butterfly house.

Sharon Owen said the Moonshadow Herb Farm tent would be set up with pots of herbs you can buy to put into patio pots or garden beds at home.

I’ll have three types of mint, Owen said. The gallon pots will be rosemary, lavender and castor bean. Quart pots will be lemon verbena, thyme, Stevia, fennel, feverfew, Artemesia and Patchouli.

Tour vendor Claudette Marsh, of Jordan Essentials lives in Lebanon MO and travels to Muskogee a lot to visit family.

Jordan Essentials are natural bath and body spa products made near Springfield MO, Marsh said. Some of the products are even made with locally grown ingredients.

You might want to bring a snapshot camera to take photos. Garden Club members will be at every home.
Information: Anita Whitaker, 918-687-6124, Oyana Wilson, 918-683-5380 or Martha Stoodley,


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