Good Stuff from Other Garden Blogs

I don't know how many gardening blogs a person can read in a day or a week but not as many as we want to, that's for sure. The photo is another lily blooming in our garden today. Gotta love lilies.
Transatlantic Plantsman has a blog entry on the Top Ten Plants in the UK. The list includes geranium, agapanthus, penstemon, and one of my favorites - salvia.

Garden Design Online featured a new way to warm up the environment on chilly nights. It's a must see and I want one.

Pruned posted photographs that predict the future of the environment the next generation will inherit. Sad but dramatic art.

UC Botany Photo of the Day post is kalanchoe photographs. Fabulous.

Gardens OyVey has a series on hydrangeas - selecting, growing, identifying, loving.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation has a post about Carl Rust Parker, a landscape architect who lived from 1882 to 1966. Parker worked for the Olmsted Brothers.

Happy reading. Let me know if you have a favorite blog or post at


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