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July 14
Tulsa Iris Society Sale, Tulsa Garden Center

July 21
Walks, Paths and Patios $20
Tulsa Garden Center
Barry Fugatt and representatives of the hardscaping industry discuss steps and surfaces.

July 27 - 29
Oklahoma Iris Society's Iris Rhizome Sale
Large amounts of iris left from hosting this year's American Iris Society's National Convention. Some of the latest and greatest will be available. 8 AM to 4 PM or sold out. OKC. Will Rogers Garden Center,.3400 NW 36th. Call 405.843.7130 for more info.

August 16 7:00 p.m.
Tulsa Perennial Club presents horticulturist and garden writer Carol Reese $10
“Sex and the Single Stamen”
ifo: Haroldine Hinds 918.743.5276 luckylady5@cox.net

"Oklahoma Grazing Lands"
Agenda and registration at the link above.
August 16 and 17 in Oklahoma City $100

September 8
Central Oklahoma Hemerocallis Society's Fall Daylily Sale
8:00 AM until sold out. Will Rogers Garden Center
Contact Laurie Barger, 341-6369 for more information


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