Plant Sources

In the past two weeks we have visited a few nurseries and garden centers in Kansas and Colorado that are worth mentioning.

Yesterday we visited LaPorte Avenue Nursery in Ft. Collins Colorado which is known around the country as a source for rock garden plants.

Their online catalog is a resource for information on their 350-plants, listed by botanical names. Keep your plant guide or favorite search engine handy if you have only the common names.

Owners Karen Lehrer and Kirk Fieseler are available for questions via email at by telephone at 970.472.0017 - check out their site for that rock garden you wanted to put in or expand.

Family Tree Nursery in Overland Park and Liberty Kansas (Kansas City area) has a good selection of plants your neighbor is growing along with quite a few you may not have seed anywhere before.
It really is a family operated business originally opened 40-years ago by the current generation's parents. They do a Sunday morning two-hour garden advice program on News Radio 980 KMBZ in Kansas City.
Their website has their locations, hours, coupon of the week and their weekly sale items.

Separate indoor and outdoor rooms are set up for trees, Crape myrtle, succulents, bedding plants, etc. Inside, there is an entire store full of garden art and gardening accessories.
Of course, the sections I found most interesting at the center were "New and Unique Plants" and the "Dented and Scratched" Sale tables.

Here's another one worth the drive, Heartland Nursery in Kansas City Missouri.
Owned by Pete & Sherry Mistretta. the center is 80,000 square feet including a Belgian glass greenhouse.

They advertise that they have "plants from every corner of the globe" that make it a gardener's paradise.
Succulents, orchids, vines, shrubs, bedding plants, house plants, pots - with surprises in every department when we were there.

The phone number is 816.763-7371 if you need more information than they have on their website about driving directions and open hours.


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