Euphorbia Website, Tulsa Rose Sale


Did you know? Euphorbias grow best in plastic pots with drainage holes but without saucers underneath them. And, it's best to repot them in the winter when they are dormant.

Click this link to a Euphorbia website with well-written, fascinating cultural information on all things euphorbia - the site is in German and English.

Here's a tidbit "For every newly acquired plant, you should assume that the grower has used a soil that costs as little as possible, and is only intended to keep the plant alive and standing upright until it is sold. Such cheap composts are not suitable for cultivation over a long period. Therefore repot your plant as soon as possible."
Photo: Propagation of succulents

"Trying to imitate the soil at habitat is not a good idea and at best a lost labour of love. For example, if certain euphorbias in nature grow on limestone or gypsum, it makes little sense to add limestone or gypsum to the soil in cultivation. In habitat it is not that the plants “prefer” such soil, but rather that they withdraw to such areas where there is less competition from other plants which would overgrow them on better soil. Tolerance for limestone or gypsum gained through years of evolution does not mean that they need it. "

Roses in Tulsa (Broken Arrow) is having a buy 2 get one free sale going through this coming Sunday. If you will tell them you saw it in my blog they will honor that price until the end of the month.

"We still have nearly 500 varieties of roses in stock and most are in bloom in 3 gallon or larger pots. We will not be shipping until the weather cools in Oct. at which time we will be shipping potted roses without the pots. "


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