Salsa Contest in Muskogee


The Muskogee Farmers’ Market will host the 9th Annual Salsa Tasting Contest on July 28 at the Market Square. Tasting is from 9:30 am to 11:30. A $2 tasting kit will enable tasters to sample all the entries and vote on the best. Proceeds will benefit the Children’s Summer Reading program at the library.

Two salsa categories “Tomato Salsa” and “Other Salsa” will be voted on. “Other salsas” include fruit or vegetables other than tomatoes as major ingredients. The top three salsas in both categories will be determined by a count of tasters’ votes and guest judges will decide the first, second and third place winners.

Guest judges this year are Dave Davis, Port of Muskogee; Frank Medearis, City of Muskogee Attorney; Cheryl Whalen, ONG. Winners will be announced at noon, and prizes will be awarded for first place in each category.

Entry forms may be picked up and returned at the Muskogee Public Library during business hours and at the farmers’ market booth on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8 til noon. All entry forms must be turned-in no later than Wednesday, July 25.

There is no entry fee, but entrants must bring 2 quarts of homemade salsa to the market by 8:30 am on tasting day, July 28. The market takes care of the rest. A true contest, the entries will be numbered and voted on by number only.

For more information, contact Doug Walton at 686-6939.


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