Northern Bayberry Shrub is Myrica Pensylvanica

Northern Bayberry Shrub is an American native that is cold hardy in zones 3 to 7. The native variety matures at 10 - 12 feet tall and wide. There are cultivated varieties/hybrids that remain smaller. 

This is a shrub that provides shelter, feeds wildlife, is tolerant of many soil types, is deer-resistant and will tolerate full-sun to part-shade.

Northern Bayberry can be great for a larger landscaped area as it will produce suckers from the root and create its own large colony over time.

They will drop their leaves in the fall and the blue-gray-toned berries that persist over the winter add interest to the winter landscape.

Ideal for woodland gardens, privacy screen, shrub borders and roadside planting, Sometimes labeled Waxmyrtle, Bayberry shrubs are easy to find in nurseries.

The leaves and berries are scented with the scent being familiar to anyone who has been around Bayberry candles.

Ohio State University mentions these compact hybrids: "‘Myda’ a heavy fruiting female and her counterpart, ‘Myriman’.  ‘Wildwood’ is a United States National Arboretum selection offering excellent cold hardiness and slightly smaller plant growing to 6 feet.  ‘Bobzam’, Bobbee™ is a Lake County Nursery introduction that we grow at Secrest Arboretum.  It is another more compact, (6 ft.) cultivar offering foliage that is much larger, glossier, and wavy."

More information: Missouri Botanical Garden and 
Ohio State Extension


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