Invasive Plant Alterntives

Have you been gardening long enough to plant something wonderful that became invasive? I have!

Many plants have been introduced over the years that turned out to spread too quickly for the garden space, taking over and choking out other plants in the bed.

American Bittersweet
Cornell University published a guide to commonly planted invasives and plants that would fill the horticultural purpose that are not invasive.

One example is Porcelain Berry Vine, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata. The alternatives they suggest are: Dutchman's Pipe, Trumpet Honeysuckle, American Bittersweet, Trumpetcreeper and Fox Grape.

Black Chokeberry
Privet, Ligustrum obtusifolium, is another widely sold and planted shrub that becomes invasive fairly quickly. The suggestions for planting instead of Privet include: Boxwood, Holly, Yew, American arborvitae, and Black Chokeberry.

Click over to this Cornell link to read about more invasives and their alternatives.


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