Use Honey Fence to Prevent Intruders

Honey fences have been used to keep elephants out of small, home gardens in Kenya. Maybe they would work in residences to keep out intruders?

We've heard of pollinator pathways and many of us have tried to contribute toward creating a path of pollen and nectar for butterflies and bees.

The honey fences were invented by Lucy King, a zoologist. Elephants are terrified by the sound of bees and so are most humans who do not garden.

King's honey fence is a line of hives that are suspended from a wire. When an elephant touches the wire, attempting to enter an area, the bees are disturbed and swarm.

Now, an entire town is surrounded by honey fences and they sell the resulting honey, called Elephant Friendly Honey.

Click over to the Elephants and Bees site to find out more.

This story, written by Nicola Twilley, came to me via Edible Geography, a fascinating blog.


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