New Annuals for 2016 Gardens

Whether you are looking for new annuals for the sun or shade, containers or beds, there is something unique for next spring.

Proven Winners has come out with ten new pink flowering annuals that you can mix or match to renew an existing bed and make a container garden.

Proven Winners
Garden Bells mini-petunias have been popular container plants for several years. They never have to be deadheaded and can take the heat.  Their Latin name is Calibrachoa and the new colors include Garden Rose and Holy Moly (yellow and pink stripes).

Magentamen is a new, deep rose, Gerbera Daisy bedding plant that matures at 12-20 inches tall.

They are also introducing a new Rocapulco Wisteria Impatiens with double flowers for shade or part shade. The flowers are white and purple – ideal to brighten an area under perennials.  Also for the shade the new sweet potato vine, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime, is bright green but grows only 14-inches.

Have you heard of Pansiolas? They are sweet violas for part sun and come in Anytime Iris (blue and yellow) as well as Anytime Plum Good (deep purple with a bright yellow eye).
Pansiolas from Proven Winners

Supertunias never need pruning or deadheading and they have new colors, too. Supertunia Latte (Silver white with brown to purple veins), Daybreak Charm (sunny yellow centers with watermelon pink edges) and Honey (mixed sunset shades of orange and yellow).

Check out some of the newest heat-loving annuals that will help keep the garden looking good.

Cleome’s new colors include Senorita Blanca (all white) and Cleome Senorita Mi Amor, a new clear pink Cleome hybrid that will brighten up the back of the flower bed.

Another favorite of summer sun, Dahlias, now come in Dahlightful Georgia Peach (20-in. tall, double apricot flowers ), Mystic Illusion (18-in. tall, single yellow flower with dark green leaves ), 

Dahlightful Lively Lavender ( 2-3 ft. tall, double lavender flowers ), and Dahlightful Sultry Scarlet (20-in. tall, double coral-scarlet flowers).

There are lots of new choices for those of us who enjoy growing from seed.

Dianthus Jolt Pink blooms the same year the seeds are planted. The flowers are hot pink and this selection won the All America Selections ( award, “Best of the Trials”.

Salvia Summer Jewel
AAS Winners
AAS winner, Summer Jewel Lavender Salvia, joins its sisters Red, White and Pink, as regional winners for the Heartland.  This Salvia coccinea grows 18-inches tall in full sun, needs no deadheading and average water.

The new ruffled dwarf (12-in.) Petunia Espresso Frappe Rose has pink flowers with dark centers.  Sow seeds indoors and transplant mid-April for a summer full of flowering.

Sanvitallia Million Suns is a bright yellow creeping (15-in. tall) Zinnia that provide bright color until the first freeze arrives. Full to part sun.

A new Ammi (Queen Anne’s Lace), Dara, has 3-inch flowers in shades of purple, pink and lavender.  

For the back of a border or a cottage garden, Dara matures at 3-4 feet tall in sun.

Double Click Cranberries Cosmos
Seeds from Johnny's Seeds
Butterflies love Cosmos and you will love Double Click Cranberries Cosmos.

The flowers are double and semi-double on the same 3-4 ft. tall strong stems.

Find something new! It’s easy.


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