Free talk Aug 15 - Ozark Plants' History

The Ozark Mountains give northeast Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri their rolling hills, lush landscapes and native plants. 

This is all ancient terrain. Here a link to a wonderful blog about the plants of the Ozarks

Also, a big treat for those who are interested in native plants -

The Flower, Garden, and Nature Society of Northwest Arkansas will meet 
Saturday, August 15, to hear about the history of plants in the Ozarks.  

Speaker is Janice Neighbor, Washington County master gardener.  

Meeting will be held in the Student Center of Northwest Technical Institute at 
709 S. Old Missouri Road in 
Springdale, AR.  

Meeting is free and open to the public.  
Social time begins at 9:30 and meeting at 10  

Info:  479-361-2198 or 479-466-7265


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