Weed Identification and Natural Enemies from University of CA

Weeds are similar though not identical  across the US . Most years I pull up seedlings of plants I seeded in the fall, mistaking them for some new weed I've never seen before. And, plants listed as invasive in USDA zones 10 - 12 barely survive as garden specimens in our zone 7 beds.

The U.C. Davis IPM/agriculture site has a page that will help sort our weeds from seedlings - at http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/weeds_intro.html

Here's what the front top looks like, followed by similar information for grasses, sedges and aquatic.
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Weed photo gallery

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Broadleaf identification

Leaves are wide, veins branch out in different directions.

Natural Enemies Gallery Also! at the UC site there are photos and information about garden pests' natural enemies at

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