Bleeding Heart Vine is Clerodendrum thomsoniae or Glory Bower

Glory Bower Vine
The first time we saw this gorgeous plant was in Memphis at a little garden across the road from the Memphis Botanic Garden. Dixon Gallery and Gardens are a must-go destination for us each time we go to Memphis.

Bleeding Heart Vine or Glory Bower, Clerodendrum thomsoniae, is a tropical plant from Africa that only survives in zones 10 and above but is frequently grown indoors and in tropical houses other places.

At the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, they have a record of all their Clerodendrum thomsoniae vines, living and dead at the plant record here.

Here's what MOBOT says about growing bleeding heart vine in their climate -
Heavy feeder, needs hanging planter, trellis or other support for its 12-15 feet long vine.
Part-shade, evergreen, needs a winter rest at 55-65 degrees with minimal water
Prune in early spring, needs several gallons of water every week during growing and flowering periods.

Plant of the Week suggests using a sandy soil in a large tub to make your vine happiest.

Click over to Top Tropicals and Logee's to see their selections. Plant lust at work here.


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