Last Cold Day - Photos from our yard

Frozen buds on the pear trees
There is a unique beauty to snow scenes and since this is our last cold day for the season I wanted to record the event!

The bunnies are always active in our yard and in the snow their footprints are autographs of their activity.
Rabbit footprints on back patio

Lavender under ice
Of course there will be damage from the freezing temperatures that arrived after a period of temperatures in the 70s, 60s, 50s, etc. but we cannot change the weather. We can appreciate the beauty though.

This morning it's 14 degrees out there and footprints in the snow make a little crunch sound from the ice that formed on the top layer.

Re-purposed windows cold frames
Want to make a bet on the lettuce survival under those cold frames made of re-purposed windows?

OK you win.

I'm confident that the White Russian Kale is still thriving under the one on the left but the loose leaf lettuce? Nah.

Backyard swale
The little percolation swale in the back of the property never fills more than half way up because the water percolates down our hill very efficiently. The top is frozen this morning.

Pretend that little swale is more than 5 feet across, visualize a real pond with frogs. We needed it dug for the percolation, wanted it dug for the frog-appeal.

Daffodils in snow
The early blooming daffodils have been a casualty of this cold blast. We've lost lots of buds that have turned brown. Many others, like this one, bloomed, froze, perked up and then froze again. They are remarkably resilient and I expect we'll have an 80% bloom.

For NE OK Zone 7 the last average frost date is April 15 and we have had killing freezes on April 15th more times than I care to recall. Despite the weather people saying spring is here keep your tender stuff in a protected place for a while longer!


Carol said…
Love that you have a swale. We have modified swales around all our beds, which are simply wide, shallow ditches that stop the runoff from running off. I hope you're right - that this was our last cold and snow. I'm ready for some warmth!
Molly Day said…
Hi Carole - Thanks for your comment. How do you control weed growth in those wide shallow ditches>?

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