Plant Identification Websites by Barbara Clark

Friends of the Garden posts a comprehensive list of plant identification sites available on the internet.

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Editor's Note: This comprehensive list is compiled and updated by Friend of the Garden volunteer Barbara Clark. We don't think you'll find a more complete list of websites dedicated to plant identification and information anywhere! Thanks, Barb!

Here's Barb's bio - My interest in flowers and photography began by walking the Ozark Greenways trails. Seeing many unknown plants, both along the paths and in my yard from spreading seed, I began trying to identity each one. This became easier after I received a digital camera. Now I can look at a computer photo and compare it with one found on the Net.  From such searching, I have an ever growing list of Web sites. These can be viewed HERE. One plant was unknown for 2 years.  The  Nathanael  Greene/Close Memorial Parks were first seen while walking the South Creek Greenway Trail.    My interest in the gardens grew after picking up a Friends of the Garden bochure at the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden and talking with George Deatz. The development and growth of both Parks, which are now called, the Springfield Botanical Gardens, has been very impressive. With more gardens and attractions planned, I am so looking forward to photographing  the  beautiful plants and flowers.    

Please check out this site of Bob and Barb Kipfer which has amazing resource links to all sorts of organisms and very interesting articles. Many sites from there are listed below. New links are identified by an asterisk - *

INTERNET PLANT SITES Revised December 2013

RESOURCES * Bob and Barb Kipfer * * USA Native Plants USA Native Plants continued * Carole Seville Brown * Organisms * MO * Edible Plants * Invasive Plants *

ID SITES This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it E-mail address for questions and pictures Wildflower Key Also flower of the week ID by number of Petals * Flowers


WILDFLOWER SITES Al Dan Tenaglia Deceased AZ CA CO DE Desert USA IL KS MO * Northeast and North Central USA NY Sleepy Hollow lake OH OK OK * Pennsylvania TN Southern Appalachian/Blue Ridge Mountains TX TX TX Lady Bird Johnston Center USA WI

PLANT SITES AR Better Homes and Gardens *BHG Annuals * BHG Perennials Paul L.Redfearn, Jr. MSU CA Duke University NC * FL MO MO Plants in bloom by month * * MO Frank Shipe Salvias * Southeastern USA * Wetland plants of Northeast USA


TREES * * * * *

WEED SITES * CA IL MO Great pics MO Pest list MO * Northcentral USA PBI Gordon * Virginia WA


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