Meidiland Alba Rose

We visited a garden last week and the homeowner gave us one of her roses. The parent was given to her by a friend who said it is a Meidiland Alba. I'm not a rose grower so cannot argue. I'm just thrilled to have one of these beauties added to our garden!

Those clusters of flowers are so dramatic that our fiend said having one is like have snow in summer.

The reason I'm wondering about her friend's naming of the plant is that Meidiland Rose is a ground cover rose and this plant was 8 or 10 feet tall. It was in part shade due to being at the back of a flower bed with trees behind. I wonder if it was climbing a tree.

Meidiland is hardy in zones 4 to 10 and resists disease. They do not have to be dead headed as they are self-cleaning, though removing spent flowers encourages more blooming. They have to be watered regularly and fertilized during the growing season. Must have 5 hours of full sun every day or they will die from the roots.


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