Green Cycler countertop compost maker

Here's an idea whose time has come: Green Cycler. It's a counter-top or under the counter compost shredder that grinds kitchen scraps into compostable pieces.

This is a great way to chop compost materials, especially if you compost in place or feed compost worms in a worm bin. What I like about using it -

It is easy to operate, turning the hand crank to chop the vegetable and fruit scraps.
The suction cups on the bottom work really well to prevent slipping.
The bin where the chopped food goes is large enough to be useful.

There are several versions to choose from. These are from the company website under the "shop" tab. Just glance at how many options there are and go to their link above and watch the video.

  • Green Cycler Black Natural

    Green Cycler Basic Black

    $119.99 $99.99
  • Green Cycler Platinum 300 x 300

    Green Cycler Platinum

  • Sale!Costco Image

    Green Cycler Sterling

    $139.99 $129.99
  • Garden Green

    Green Cycler Garden Green V300

  • crystal-green

    Crystal Series — New Colors

  • crystal-pink-1024x1024

    Crystal & Pink -Women’s Health-


Crystal with Black
  • Crystal & Black


  • Self-contained, stainless-steel shredder cartridge handles tough to chop scraps. Snaps in and out for cleaning.
    Green Cycler Black Natural

    Green Cycler ALL Black

  • Extra Shredder Cartridge

  • Sale!zeofilter

    Super Green ZeoPacks

    $9.99 $5.99
  • Clear window gives you a birds-eye view of the shredding action.

    Hatch Lid


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