Edibles gardening Mid-May in zone 7

The goals and the hours of work in the garden are endless at this time of year. There are so many tiny seedlings to get into the ground, weeds to pull, winter messes to clean up, pruning to get done.
A lady beetle taking care of business on the new plum tree.
Every spring I have more compassion for people who have even more land than we do since I cannot imagine caring for more than 2.5 acres of flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables.
Blackberry canes in flower on the right, clover for the honey bees in the center,
grapes on the left, vegetable garden center in the distance.

We don't bother to grow lettuce and tomatoes since our farmers' market is so good. We grow things we want to preserve and a few items that are expensive or difficult to obtain such as the chard varieties we prefer, herbs, blackberries, figs, and other fruits. We buy local blueberries once a year and freeze them to use all winter.
The vegetable garden facing south - lemon balm in front of the fence
snow peas on the trellis inside the fence where the bunnies can't get to them.

Snow peas are a must and after experimenting with freezing them in the past we learned that our preference is for chopping them fresh into salads and steaming them into stir-fry. Lots of them are eaten directly off the vines as gardener snacks.


Hoehoegrow said…
Wow! you must work extremely hard to keep all that land in good order and weed free! You are solo right about this time of year - there is just so much to do..

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