Waxed Amaryllis bulb - a no-water selection

Last year at FloraHolland Trade Fair 2012 in Aalsmeer (Netherlands) grower Vreugdenhil Bulbs and Plants from ’s-Gravenzande already showed a new series of waxed amaryllis bulbs.

And, the bulb flowers for up to 6-weeks. Here's a link to the company on-site catalog section where they are featured http://www.amaryllis.nl/pages/catalogus_index.php?categorie_id=5
At the this week held 2013 fall edition of FloraHolland Trade Fair the company also showed Velvet Touchz and Wrapz amaryllis’, trade names that speak for themselves.
The original pay-off ‘no water needed’ is now upgraded. The umbrella brand for Waxz, Velvet Touchz and Wrapz will be in the future No Water Flowers.
Consciously the original plant name is set aside, as amaryllis is associated with the fall and winter seasons. No Water Flowers will be sold for a much longer period.

The Waxz and Velvet Touchz No Water Flowers could also be seen at the official New Varieties and Concepts showcase of the 2013 fall edition of FloraHolland Trade Fair.


Molly Day said…
Hi Mr. Subjunctive - It would be a good hospital bedside selection for the gift shope to sell!
James David said…
I didn't know that this is even possible!!
lavender said…
So after flowering then what?
Next year or a one off?
Molly Day said…
My guess is that they are like daffodils or other bulbs forced in water. You can replant and hope but there's a 50-50 chance that they are done.
Cool for hospital visits and similar short-term flowers.
Elli said…
OMG just came back from Germany.
Bought an Amaryllis bulb with wax for my mom.
Love it. My daughter said quote " you wont find anything like that in the USA" LOL
Molly Day said…
Hi Elli - I've had similar experiences when travelling to Germany. I bring things home that I am sure I couldn't find here and then see them. Our shopping opportunities are vast in the US.
Our little town of Muskogee OK will have a German grocery soon when Aldi opens this winter - even more European items to choose from!
Unknown said…
Just bought one in Clarksburg, WV at Lowes.
James said…
Unless you take the bulbs out of the wax encasing and put them in soil, these are one-offs. Without water, these guys won't survive or bloom well. I just made a post about these on gardenweb: Peeling off Wax bulbs
James Li said…
Without water, these bulbs are essentially one-offs, and most people will just toss them out afterwards – a shame if you ask me. The flowers don't last long and the bulb easily develops mold in their casings (See what I mean here).
Unknown said…
Find this on Wegmans
Molly Day said…
We don't have Wegman's here but thanks for the lead for others who may be looking.
Elle said…
Really? I got mine in the U.S.......
Molly Day said…
Hi Elle -
How is yours doing?
I have seen them in the US now. This blog entry is 2 years old and they weren't as available then.

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