Daylily Kindly Light

Daylilies or Hemerocallis come in so many heights, colors, and flower forms that only a public garden could have a significant number of them in a collection.

Even though yellow is not a flower color I aspire to have more of in our garden, this Kindly Light Daylily is one that is so lovely, it is hard to resist.

Old House Gardens catalog describes it as "decidedly different" and the first spider Daylily.

The roots are $7.50 each at

Daylily Diary has a gorgeous photo at

The American Hemerocallis Society's website says it blooms mid-season and grows to 2.5 feet tall.

Click over to their site at to learn more about these wonderful plants.  If you click on search all, you arrive at a link with 76,000 daylilies to browse.

You will find that Daylilies can become the backbone of a flower garden because they are so easy to grow,  bloom for weeks, and return year after year without much work on the part of the gardener.

Plus they come in all colors, single, double, tall and short. Short Daylilies are 12 to 24 inches high and there are several to choose from. Tall ones are 4 to 6 feet tall. Yes, 6 feet tall. Bloomingfields Farm Daylilies in Connecticuit has them separated by height so you can design an entire bed in layers. Click over to They also have a link for the ones to use as groundcover, at the roadside, long blooming, season of bloom, heirlooms, new introductions and Top Ten.

Another great Daylily site is Riverbend Daylily Garden at near Xenia Ohio. You will see Daylilies on their site that you've never seen before.

Add a few Daylilies to the flower gardens, you'll be glad you did.


Scott Kunst said…
Martha, Thanks for mentioning us in your blog! Kindly Light really is unusual, and wonderful. We have a clump near our back door, and when it was in bloom last summer I bet I looked at it every day, just kind of marveling over it. -- Scott, Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs
Molly Day said…
Kindly Light is so gorgeous, Scott.

And, one thing we can say about your plants is that they always grow.

No exceptions.

Thanks for providing such reliable, fabulous, beautiful additions to my gardens over the years.

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