Horticulture Careers Website - for careers in England, Wales, Scotland

Although the jobs themselves are identified as being in England, Wales and Scotland, the
Grow Careers website has plenty of information about hort careers for those who are interested in the field.

The career dropdown menu starts with arborist and ... keep scrolling ... ends with soil scientist.

Click on Plant Science as an area of interest and you'll be completely informed about that career.

Such as:
Make a difference in developing new food crops and technologies which will help feed an ever-growing global population and aid their well-being. Help find urgently needed solutions to the environmental challenges we face. New pests and diseases are appearing all the time and we need scientists to help us fight them.
.. . . . .
There are many science careers either within horticulture or interacting with horticulture and the topics below attempt to give a general flavour.  However there are many more; for example engineers designing machinery or greenhouses and mathematicians studying plant populations, Plant Health Inspectors and Lecturers.
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Horticultural Scientist / Crop Physiologist / Taxonomist

What they do: Horticultural scientists and crop physiologists study all forms of plant life in the laboratory, in the field and in the natural environment.
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Their work could include identifying, classifying, recording and monitoring plant species, understanding their growth and how to improve it or studying the effects of the environment on plant life.
Career path: For most jobs you will need a degree. Relevant subjects include botany, horticulture, plant biology, plant science, environmental science and ecology.
Where they work: You could find work as a horticultural scientist in areas such as:
•    government research institutes
•    universities
•    conservation organisations including botanical gardens and collections
•    food producing companies
•    retail companies (fresh produce)
•    food processing & marketing companies
•    consultancy & supply companies
More info: Botanical Society of the British Isles, Careers Advice,  SCI Horticultural Group, The Natural History Museum, HORTAX, the Horticultural Taxonomy Group, Society of Biology
 You get the idea - great resource for selecting or changing careers.


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