03 August 2013

Supertunias from Proven Winners - cute and bullet proof.

Along the rock walkway in front the the (loosely named) herb bed, I tucked the Supertunias that Proven Winners sent in the garden writer trial plants box a few months ago.

Too sweet! They are in front of Rosemary, Thai Basil, Mexican Marigold, Italian Basil and other herb plants.

Supertunias come in lots and lots of colors so you can get something that works with your color theme/scheme.

Proven Winners sent me these Flamingo ones but if you like pink, check out the Peppermint, Giant Pink, Bermuda Beach, Appleblossom and others at the link above.

There are 36 Supertunia colors - something for everyone.
They take the heat, humidity and sun and keep blooming until hard frost.
Some years they return even in our zone 7.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a gorgeous plant, this plant is lovely and can really turn a dull, bland area into a showpiece.

Martha Stoodley said...

It's true! There is a red one in another spot on that rock perimeter and wow what a show-stopper.

They love the sun and the heat and stay perky even in our current after-the-storm humidity.

Quite the contributor to the garden.