17 August 2013

Piet Oudolf - An interview with a garden genius

Here is a link to an online video of an interview with Piet Oudolf

When asked who is heroes are he responded, "plants". I don't think I'm influenced by any of these architects or plant landscapers. 

"Plants are my tools to create things that show my insides."

A garden is color first then structure. A landscape is structure first.

A favorite season is autumn of course, after summer. In spring there is an abundance of flowering trees and then you are relieved when it is done. Same with summer. I like it when that falls into decay and the flowers are dying down.

Finding new plants in a world where all the main nurseries grow what they like and what sells. In my hobby I discovered plants that stood out from the rest.

We have a lot of gardens at our house that are 1.5 hectares of trial gardens, experiments, trying out concepts. Gardens are a metaphor for paradise.

Gardens are 4 dimensional. When you build it, it starts. In 10 years it turns out. My garden designs are so dynamic, you can feel what I do every moment you are there.

Ten years ago architects would not speak to me. A tree in front of one of their buildings just got in the way.

My dream is that we don't build islands that separate us.


And, here's an interview he did with The Guardian in April 2013

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