Invasive plants management database from Mark Renz

A new invasive plant control database is online and ready for your use.

It was developed by the Midwest Invasive Plant Network (MIPN) in cooperation with UW-Extension weed specialist Mark Renz’ lab in the Agronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It's a little slow to load after you click on the link (above) but it worked well for me and it has a cool factor.
Click "Start Search". The next window is Select Plant. Here's the buggy part. If you choose "Free Form Search" nothing happens unless you type in a plant name. I put in Privet and was given the choice of 2-varieties to select. Or, choose Common Name List to see the 40-plants covered.

"Information on non-chemical and chemical control methods is provided, including the appropriate timing of treatments and effectiveness of method. A key feature of the database is the ability to conduct a customizable search. Users can search information by applicator experience level, habitat where the species is being controlled; season control is taking place, and effectiveness of method. Information within this database was extensively reviewed by four individuals for each species, two of whom are experts on the species."

Click over and check it out at


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