HAVAHART Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel Repellent

We love our bunnies and turtles.

With that said, we do have to deter them from eating everything in sight. The vegetable garden had to be fenced to keep them away. Before the fence, each and every low hanging cucumber would have a bite out of it, lettuce and edamame plants would be decimated up to the height a baby bunny could reach.

In yesterday's blog you could see that we allow some beds to get pretty woolly = very little structure and stuffed with plants. Bunnies, turtles and other creatures live in there. Last night a baby cardinal was receiving its flying lessons from two very noisy and protective parents.

However. We do want things to have a chance to grow into maturity.

The poppy mallow I planted from seed has the purpose of caring for butterflies later in the season. It is apparent that baby bunnies enjoy the leaves.

Purple Poppy Mallow, Callirhoe involucrata, is a perennial wildflower that grows up to about a foot tall and sprawls across the ground, with vine-like stems up to 4' long from a central taproot. Bees and skippers enjoy the nectar.

Lakota and Dakota Native Americans burned and inhaled the dried roots as a cold treatment. Roots were also boiled and consumed to treat intestinal pain.

Once established this delightful ground cover will become drought resistant due to its deep taproots.

Because of its trailing habit, Poppy Mallow is useful as ground cover and in hanging baskets. Its drought tolerance makes it attractive for baskets also.

Prairie Moon seeds - Poppy Mallow native range
But back to the bunny problem. Havahart offered me a sample of its deer, rabbit and squirrel repellent.  We know about Havahart because of their live traps - in use here a few months every year.
Havahart Deer Off

Now, this line of their products is coming to the rescue.

Within a few weeks, there should be dozens of those rosy-pink flowers for pollinators to enjoy.




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