Visitor’s Guide to American Gardens by Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Do you visit gardens when you travel in the U.S. and Canada? Do you take destination garden trips?

We do! And, I know many other people who do.

Whenever we plan a trip we go online and look for nearby gardens, butterfly houses arboretums and notable parks. This much needed, up to date, book from Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp will become well-worn in our house.

Not only is the basic information provided on a state-by-state basis but a smart phone icon is available on some pages to provide more on-site tips.
(We don't have smart phones so the Internet will have to continue to be our guide for the additional info.)

So to use the guide, go to the state you'll be visiting, then to the city and its gardens. You'll find the address, phone, website, hours and whether or not there is an entry fee.

A line of icons tell you whether or not there is food, a children's garden, historic identification, annual events, hiking trails, gift shop wheelchair access, etc.

The garden description tells you the size of the garden, its specialized features, and, well, everything you want to know.

This calendar year we have visited 8 or 10 public gardens around the country and they are all in Sharp's book and reflect our experience of being there.

Get a copy for yourself and one for a friend or family member.

Cool Springs Press, 336 pages, $15 online and $20  from the publisher.

PS - 6.1.12 - We have used this book over and over again for travel planning and have found some real jewels!


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