Recommended trees

Yesterday at the annual Oklahoma Urban Forestry Conference, several trees were recommended that we commonly forget about or do not know about.

Here is a selection of recommendations with links to more information. Every one of these has beautiful features whether it is catkins, flowers, fall color, or bark. If you are considering planting something unique, check these out!

Acer saccharum, Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple  Information

Acer truncatum, Purple Blow Maple, Shantung Maple Information

Aesculus, Buckeye. Look for A. Glaba, Bottlebrush Buckeye  Information

Asimina triloba, Pawpaw hybrids   Information on several hybrids

Castanea mollissima, Chinese Chestnut Information

Carpinus betalus, Hornbean Information

Chionanthus retusus, Chinese Fringe tree, American Fringe tree. Information here

Corylus avellana, European Filbert, Harry Lauder's walking stick Information

Cotinus obovatus, Smoke Tree Information

Magnolia, yellow lantern  or butterflies Information

Prunus mexicana, Mexican plum  Information

Pterocarya stenoptera, Chinese Wingnut. Information

Rhus typhina, Staghorn Sumac Information

Rhamnaceae Rhamnus caroliniana, Carolina buckthorn  Information

Tilia tomentosa, Linden tree Information
Ziziphus jujuba for xeriscape sites. Pest and disease free. Information here


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