Frost Protek Frost Cover for container plants

Frost Protek (link here) sent me a cool new product to look at.

It's a plant cover with a draw string to keep it in place.

from their site, "Frost Protek™ Plant Cover protects plants against damage due to light frost. The cover protects 4°F to 6°F below freezing (to about 26°F or -3.0° C)."

Light and UV can penetrate the fabric so they say it can be left on plants for 3 or 4 weeks. What a great season extender for fall and spring.

Prices vary based on size and range from $11 to $21 at their site. The shopping link is here. Sizes include shrubs, trees, flat sheets, hanging baskets, etc.

It's a cool idea to have a drawstring since when the weather is changing the wind always brings it in and takes it out.

I've used clothes line clips and rocks to hold sheets in place plenty of times - this will be quite a bit more efficient. It doesn't always work when the wind is strong and certainly isn't light and UV porous.


That is very, very cool. I like the looks of it. Thanks for sharing.~~Dee
Molly said…
I'm thinking about using it for a frost sensitive plant and leaving it on for the winter to see how it does.
Nice durable fabric, too.

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