Poppy love

For years, I've planted poppy seeds. A few years ago I actually put out 10 different varieties, striving to find one that would thrive in our climate and soil. So, here she is - the poppy that loves our garden. The photos are from early this morning. Know that for each of the past several years I have harvested the seedheads and put them out and around, looking for the perfect place for them.

Now I'll tell you. All of the poppies are in the vegetable garden, taking up valuable space that a dedicated veggie gardener would not allow them to use. But! I have fallen in poppy love and have lost all reason.


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photos, Martha! I really love that color!
Molly said…
Thanks! Of all the varieties I planted, she is the one who wanted to stay. So I love her beauty and loyalty, both.

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