Gardening with Conifers by Adrian Bloom

Adraian Bloom's seminal book on gardening with conifers has been reprinted by Firefly Books  in a beautiful soft-cover volume.

192 pages, 9 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 3/4"

250 full color photos, index, appendices, bibliography
This is a guide to coniferous trees and shrubs that available to North American gardeners. Color photographs show conifers in environments, from small gardens to estates.

"Gardening with Conifers" illustrates that conifers can bring backbone or highlight to every garden, as well year-round visual interest and color.
Conifer information covered includes: Size and growth rates, Site and soil preferences, Planting, maintenance and propagationm Pruning, pests and diseases, Dwarf conifers and ground covers, and Conifers in containers.

I don't think I've seen such wonderful ideas and gardens using conifers except in botanical gardens. But these photos are from residential and collectors' gardens. The $20 price is justified for the inspiring photos alone.

The chapter on conifer ground covers, the section called "Some of the Best Conifers", the focus on flowers and cones ... it's all wonderful.

Don't miss this one.


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