Can you help a reader with info about imidacloprid in greenhouse plants?

Here's the email from Amy Campbell asking for help with her research into greenhouse plants that have been treated with imidacloprid.

 Dear Molly,

Somehow I found this post in my searchings for information about imidacloprid in greenhouse plants. Our beekeeping club is working with local nurseries to highlight bee-friendly plants and I voiced concern about plants that could have been treated with neonicotinoid compounds. It is very difficult getting this kind of information. Where did you see this posted originally? I have emailed Dr. Krischik but so far no answer. Other scientists are unwilling to go out of their field of expertise - ie if they are entomologists they don't want to comment on systemic pesticides.

If you have other articles especially that have references I would be very interested to read them! I do thank you for posting this because I think it's very important. Back yards have the possibility of not just attracting native bees but helping them to survive. It's totally counterproductive to plant plants that have been treated with a systemic pesticide that no one is aware is even in the soil! Try getting this info from nurseries! Almost impossible!

I will keep an eye on your blog - other posts are also very interesting! You might be interested in the safelawns blog - which posts information about lawn chemicals and is an advocate of maintaining lawns in a totally different, non-chemical way.

amy in rockport maine
amy campbell

So, dear readers, if you can help Amy Campbell find this information, you can post it here in the comments section or reply directly to her.


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