Want to become a gardening wizard? Derek Fell can tell you how

Derek Fell needs little introduction to readers of garden books - he has authored more than sixty books and garden calendars, including 550 Home Landscaping Ideas (Simon & Schuster), The Encyclopedia of Garden Design (Firefly Books), The Complete Garden Planning Manual (Friedman), Garden Accents (Henry Holt) and Home Landscaping (Simon & Schuster).

His recent book, published Dec. 2010, "I'll Make You a Gardening Wizard Overnight" is a 300-page 6" by 9" paperback. It makes a big promise in its title since it would take several days to even read it!

With that said, Fell certainly is an experienced gardener and garden writer. His home, Cedaridge Farms, is where he has lived and gardened for decades.

Fell has a website for his design business, a website for his garden photo sales and a line of outdoor furniture.

Here's a link to an interview where he talks about his farm and his furniture.

Now, about the book. There are 19 chapters with topics from garden tool selection, soil, free garden supplies, watering, pests and diseases, selling your extra garden produce, garden designs, growing fruit, container gardening, children's gardens, gardening myths, and recommended reading.

Some of the interesting items: How to make shady areas have more light (prune some branches), focused gardens such as no dig, square foot, lasagna and edible landscaping.

Vertical gardens: an explanation of how to accomplish gardening when you have little space plus plant selections (pole beans, cucumbers, peas, squash, climbing spinach, gourds, etc.).

Compost, free fertilizer: How to make a bin, compost tea, etc.

Insects: beneficial insects, pests, insecticides and disease control.

Vegetable variety recommendations run from page 94 to 165.

The next chapters include storing methods, growing to sell, herbs, fruit, and other helpful information.

The book is published by Lipenwald Inc. and is available from www.gcspecials.com for $14.95


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