Under the leaves and stems

Cleaning out the flower beds brings so many surprises. Oh! that perennial has moved everywhere. I forgot what that plant is - I think it's something I still want there. More bulbs - goodie.

Here are a few things I re-discovered -
Perennial tall garden phlox
This tall phlox is definitely a cottage garden type plant that we allow to thrive because of its ability to bring hundreds of butterflies day after day in the heat of the summer.
Nepeta Walker's Low
Catnip Walker's Low is such a reliable plant for the front of the large bed where it grows. The leaves are wonderfully scented. When the flowers open, small pollinators hover thickly, especially bees.
Above is a photo of that front bed, from last summer, with Walker's Low in lavendar-blue.

Trailing phlox
Creeping phlox is reliable for a hot dry place near the street. And, look at it trying to bloom already. What a trooper.

What's coming up where you garden?


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