Every day another daffodil variety opens in our garden. These are some of today's.


NoName Lake said…
Hi there, I follow your blog and am learning so much from reading your posts. I have a question on flowering vines. My husband built an arbor on the north side of the house. We planted 3 bignonia last fall. But they all seem to be dead. Have you experimented with this vine? Besides Clematis, do you have any suggestions if we end up having to replace the Bignonia?
Martha said…
Hi Lake -
Glad to know you are out there.

I don't know where you live or what your heat zone is but here Bibnonia needs a lot of sun to bloom.

Your Bignonias may be alive and waiting for warm weather before they send up leaves.

Tell me a little more: How sunny/shady is the arbor area? What's your zone?
NoName Lake said…
Hi Martha,
We live in Northern VA, which is zone 7A according to the National Gardening Assoc. The arbor Jim built is on the north side of the house which receives 2 -3 hours of intense afternoon sun during the hot months in DC. Our Bignonias never lost their leaves. When we got them, they already looked a bit dried up and the leaves were curled up a bit, too. We planted them in late September. Thanks for your help!
Martha said…
You are the same zone as us - 7a.

I bet your bignonia will be just fine.

But, for my own interest, I'm going to do a bit of research will be posting information about vines. You'll find something on that list if you need to buy new plants.
Martha said…
Here are 2 links with vines for zone 7


NoName Lake said…
Hi Martha,

Thanks for the links. Very helpful. We are very much looking forward to work in the yard once the temperatures go back up. Here is a picture of the arbor we built last year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinacat013/5175475086/in/set-72157623723640950/

Keep posting. We are learning alot from you.

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