Deborah Silver's Sheetcake Garden

I've linked to Deborah Silver's blog, Dirt Simple, before and must again. Silver is a landscape designer with an online portfolio here.

A recent blog entry called "A Sheetcake Garden" has photos and descriptions of a truly clean approach to landscaping - planting shrubs in masses.
Silver then introduced her readers to Spanish landscape architect, Fernando Caruncho. The website is in Spanish, of course, but the photos make it worth a visit. Clean elegance.

A Google search on Caruncho yields pages and pages of images.

The website, Vulgare says that most of Caruncho's designs are in Spain.
"Caruncho has carefully studied the history of oriental and occidental garden architecture and translates a number of archetypical elements of Moorish and Arabic gardens into contemporary designs." Hence the clean lines.
Take a look at these spectacular designers' ideas as you consider your landscape over the months ahead.


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