Cold Hardy Tropical Plants

By December we will wish we were in South America - or at least Florida.

But, alas, we can't all go. We'll have to console ourselves with fall photos of cold hardy plants that are usually considered to be grown only in tropical climates.

Cold hardy Banana trees, Musa Basjoo, have thrived in our zone 7 garden for a couple of years and grow larger each year.

Another one is the cold hardy Begonia grandis pictured here with it's pink petioles and flowers as it looked at the beginning of October. And, you can add a gorgeous ginger to that list, too.

There are 1,000 varieties of ginger and at least one of them, White Butterfly Ginger, is cold hardy in zones 5b to 11.

So when you are catalog shopping this winter or making a list of must have plants for next spring's shopping spree, add one or all of these to create a tropical look and feel to your surroundings well into next fall.


Anonymous said…
My hardy bananas are 15 feet tall this year their third.

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