Cure Common Plant Diseases Without Chemicals

Plants that are accustomed to cooler temperatures and breezes blowing, often grow a little mold on the top of the soil when we bring them indoors

Remove the moldy soil down to a half-inch, replace it with fresh soil and sprinkle the top with an easily available fungicide - ground cinnamon from the kitchen spice rack.

Here is a link to the Texas Aggie - Horticulture site with many indoor plants' light and water needs.

Also, you'll want to bookmark the Golden Harvest site here for more easy, inexpensive, chemical free plant fixes.
Here's a sample of what you'll find there.

Click on This Remedy To Treat This Problem
Apple Cider Vinegar Fungicide Leafspot, mildew & scab
Baking Soda Spray Anthracnose, early tomato blight, leaf blight and spots, powdery mildew & as a general fungicide
Chive Spray Prevention of apple scab and downy mildew on cucumber, pumpkin and zucchini.
Compost and Manure Teas Blights & general disease
Corn and Garlic Spray General fungus preventative
Couch Grass Rhizome Tea Mildew & fungus preventative
Elder Leaf Spray Blackspot & mildew
Garlic Fungicide Spray 1: Mildews & leaf spot
Garlic Fungicide Spray 2: Fungicide and Insect repellent
Horseradish Spray Brown rot in apples & general disease prevention
Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment General disease preventative and direct treatment
Milk Spray Different common mildews on cucumber, asters, tomato, squash and zinnia foliage. Also for mosaic disease control on cucumber, lettuce & tomato.

What are your home remedies? Do you use crushed bay leaves and hot pepper seeds on the soil? Do you make sprays out of commonly available items? Let us know.


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