25 March 2008

The Perfection of Spring

The beauty we find in the blooms of spring bulbs is partially because the winter look of the landscape is open, clear and softly colored in tans and greys.

Even when the slim green leaves of the bulbs emerge most of our time is still being spent indoors, braced against the wind and cold.

Then, in March, all this color emerges. Not so much the reds and purples that the heat of summer demands to capture our attention, but soft yellows, whites, and pinks are the colors of spring. Even the red of tulips is tempered by the delicacy of their translucent petals.
The scent of spring is the soft scent of daffodils and the sweet scent of hyacinths. Bright colors contrasting with ground that is mostly shades of brown.

It's no wonder that so many poems and songs have been written about spring. It has its own divinity, don't you think?

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