It's All Growing Now

Every bed has something growing through the surface of the soil as I move back the mulch and leaves. Frankly, I'm afraid to bare everything because of last year's awful mid-April surprise.
The weeds are happy, too. The warm days and nights make them grow well. Do you enjoy weeding or dread it?
Each morning the flats of seedlings come out of the garden shed and every night they go back in to be protected under lights.
The arugula and chard are ready to move out of their tiny vermiculite cells and into larger containers. The spinach seedlings are putting roots out the bottom of their tiny seed cells.
Here's a question. How many more kinds of seeds do you buy than you have time and room to plant? The photos, the catalogs, the seedracks - do they tempt you beyond the size of your garden?
A great gardener I know plants her seeds in a flower pot, never in the ground. I've also had limited success with planting directly in the ground so this year most are being started in containers. Which seeds do you have success with direct sowing?
If you are looking for more tips on seed starting, Renee's has tips "Starting Seeds Indoors" and "How To Guides With Photos" with a variety of seedling transplanting help. The pictures are worth a few thousand words.


The Diva said…
I bought a lot of seeds this year, but many of them will never see daylight. I did plant the lettuces, and I'm going to get my onions in the ground. Also, green beans, squash, zinnias, etc. I sow all of these directly. Have you ever read "A Very Small Farm," by William Paul Winchester? He lives up by Tulsa, and he sows tomato seeds in the ground.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Why won't you plant the rest of those seeds, Dee?

I planted three kinds of lettuce in flats but haven't put them out in the ground yet because they are still tiny.

That's a new book title for me. Are you recommending it?

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