Broccoli Raab Keeps On Giving, What Causes Hayfever?, Do You Mark and Identify Plants in Your Garden?

Photo: The asparagus broccoli/broccoli raab/rappini

from last year is blooming and re-seeding again. It is definitely a seed packet that keeps on giving. I think the first seeds I planted were put in 3-years ago and it replants itself around the yard every year now.

Livingston Daily has a Buddy Moorehouse column about a new book on perennials that tells the reader what plant to put in which environment.

The authors Karleen Shafer and Nicole Lloyd wrote their "Perennial Reference Guide" in response to a perceived need.

Perennial Resource dot com says, " An exceptionally thorough book of lists of every category of perennial including: dry shade, erosion control, aromatherapy, native, winter interest, and much more."

Has anyone read this one? Is it as great as it sounds?

Sue Hollis of Kansas City pointed out on the Trillium conversation that as a general rule, pollen from showy flowers will not cause hay fever. Pollen from non-showy flowers of ragweed, grass, trees causes hay fever.

Hollis said, "The reason is budgetary. Showy flowers put all their energy into producing a flower to attract pollinators. The pollen is comparatively heavy and slightly sticky so it will stick on whatever creature is doing the pollinating and get carried to another flower. The inconspicuous flowers produce very large amounts of light weight pollen that will blow in the wind to another flower.
Of course, the nearest showy flower (such as goldenrod) gets blamed for the hay fever because it is readily visible. That is not to say that ingesting the heavier pollen would not cause problems - it is possible although I never heard of such."

Paw Paw Everlast is an odd name for a company but it is one of the recognized names in plant labels.

I bought the ones they say are for roses. Do you mark your plants so you can remember what you put where? Which kind of labels do you use?


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