Earth Day 2007

If you can't think of something significant or small you can do to acknowledge Earth Day, go to any of the sites below. Each one of them has ideas - from changing light bulbs to planting trees.

Almost every country in the world is bringing attention to the need to celebrate Mother Earth. Select a project, small or large, individual or on your block and join the party.

Divine Caroline - 50 Green Tips for Earth Day -
Earth Day In Your Neighborhood - Guide for Kids From 2 to 122 -
Earthday Network - Ecological Footprint Quiz -
EnviroLink - online environmental community -
Environmental Protection Agency Celebrates Earth Day -
International Earth Day (Christian site) -
Kaboose Earth Day Celebration (for kids) -
Live Earth 7.7.07 Concert for a Climate in Crisis -
Nature Conservancy Earth Day Events -
Teacher Resources -
U. S. Government Earth Day site -
World Wildlife Foundation Earth Day -


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