Bridal Wreath Spirea

Bridal Wreath Spirea is one of the most durable, old-fashioned shrubs for the back of a bed, a hedge row or on a property line.

In the spring, it is covered with tiny rose-like flowers along every branch. During the summer it is covered with oval leaves. This Spirea will grow to 6 or 10 feet tall, depending on how it is trimmed.

Give it full sun and average soil. In the summer mulch will keep it healthy and regular watering will keep it beautiful. Prune and shape the shrub in the winter or before it leafs out in the spring. Spirea prunifolia 'plena' is sometimes spelled spiraea.

The one remembered in farm gardens can become too large for smaller spaces. Hybrids have the same flower rush in the spring but come in smaller sizes. They include:
Double Reeves spirea (S. cantoniensisLanceata’) grow into 3- to 6-foot-tall plants.
Snowmound spirea (S. nipponicaSnowmound’) grows 3–5 feet tall.
Baby’s-breath spirea (S. thunbergii) - lacy white flowers on 3- to 5-foot leafless stems.
‘Mt. Fuji’ has variegated foliage.
S. prunifoliaPlena has double white flowers and grows to 7 feet tall with orange-red fall color.

Spirea is available from many mail order nurseries if you don't have a friend who will give you a section of theirs as a pass-along plant.


Anonymous said…
We just purchased and are renovating a 102 year old house. There is a lovely bridal wreath spirea in the backyard--thriving and blooming in full shade! Everything I have read says they should be grown in full to partial sun...but this one is doing great in the shade. I suspect the spot was once much sunnier and as the maple and cherry trees grew up and provided more shade, the spirea was already established enough to keep growing.
Molly Day said…
My/our Bridal Wreath Spirea is outgrowing the bed it is in. I'd love to give away hunks of it!

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