American Daffodil Society National Convention and Show

The ADS just completed its annual convention and show in Tacoma Washington. Collections of new hybrid daffodils win specific awards. The photos were taken by Tom Stettner, Jr. More of Stettner's daffodil photos can be seen at his website

A 5-stem collection of all American Bred Flowers exhibited by Richard Ezell, won the Red White & Blue Ribbon. The flower names: Tuscarora, River Queen, Mt. Nittany, Hanky Panky and Bender Seedling.

The winner of the Dutch Award was Kathy Anderson for a collection of Vulcan, Cyros, Cameo Flare, Clouded Yellow, & Cryptic.

Winner of the English Award, Kathy Welsh for this collection of Hartlebury, Colley Gate, Royal Marine, Glen Alladale & Shining Light.
You might want to add some of these beauties to your spring garden. One source for a unique collection of daffodils is Mitsch Daffodils in Hubbard Oregon. Mitsch's 30-page catalog is 8.5 by 11-inches with pages of color photos and costs $3.00. In addition to the Internet link, you can contact them by telephone 503.651.2742 and email for more information and ordering assistance.
Both the link to the
American Daffodil Society and the one to Mitsch Daffodils have pictures of daffodils most of us have never seen, no less grown. Take a look just to enjoy the view and variety.


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