Wild Things Nursery

A unique Oklahoma plant grower, Wild Things Nursery, grows Oklahoma native plants for your gardens. The catch is that they only sell at herb festivals so you have to chase their appearances to get these wonderful naturalizers.

On the Wild Things website (click here) they list the shows, with links to many of the show's own weblinks. Examples: April 7 - Norman, April 14 - Herb Day in Brookside (41st and Peoria in Tulsa), April 21 - Sand Springs and April 28 - Jenks.

These shows are great fun and the growers, like Marilyn Stewart at Wild Things, are walking libraries of information about their herbs.

This is a link to the Wild Things Plant List for 2007. Click on the magnifying glass several times to make it big enough to read the details about planting habitat.

Happy planning until planting season begins.


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