Root Room?

Oh, these glorious break out days when it is not freezing or too wet to be in the garden. Finally, yesterday, the red onion sets could be planted in between cutting limbs, weed pulling and moving compost.

Crocus are blooming, daffodils are making flower buds, hyacinth buds are visible nestled in the center of their emerging leaves and tulip shoots were hiding under the oak leaf mulch ready for sun. All sure signs of spring.

Enthusiasm can lead to planting too many things too close together for their health resulting in poor root growth (lack of water and nutrients) and poor air circulation (diseases like mildew and mold).

A 1927 book on vegetables has been posted onto the online Soil and Health Library.

Specifically, take a look at the chapter on onion root growth. One onion's roots grow a foot wide and over 3-feet deep.

Flower bulbs need similar growing room and depth in order to thrive. So, when the spring planted bulbs arrive, give them plenty of root room.


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