Ready, Set, Go

On the heat mats and under lights, seeds of greens, cabbage, butterfly weed, parsley and fennel are coming up and doing well.

The Brussels sprouts seedlings have already been transplanted into their own individual 2-inch pots and have been outside on sunny afternoons to get tough enough to plant in the garden in a couple of weeks.

March is here and while it is still a bit early to start tomatoes and peppers, seeds of lettuce, everyone in the cabbage family, herbs and several flowers can be planted inside under lights.

Be sure to plant your seeds in sterile seed starting mix. Or, use my method of sterile soil mixed with perlite on the bottom and seeds planted in vermiculite on the top.

Read the back of the seed package and follow the directions. If it says to plant indoors 6 weeks before last average frost, plant them this week under lights. Our last average frost date is April 11th.


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